About us

Our Objective

Mars Education Consulting Company aims to transcend the ordinary overseas study center’s image as merely a proxy application service and bust the myth that overseas study is only for well-heeled or top-scoring students. We have designed a set of comprehensive services, from basic introductions to programs and analyses of schools to counseling in essay writing and test preparation, and we will address any questions you ask about them. Are your grades less than stellar? Did you attend a substandard school? We can show you many examples of successful overseas applications in such cases. Our consultants are all graduates of top universities in Taiwan and have ample overseas study experience, so we genuinely understand the needs of local students and the problems they struggle with. We strive to be more of an educational consulting firm than just a proxy service for overseas study, providing warm, earnest and customized service rooted in professional experience.

Features of Mars Education Consulting Company
One-on-One Consulting

Many students worry about being hit with high-pressure sales tactics or formulaic spiels when they step into an overseas study agency. But by scheduling an appointment at Mars, you will have ample time to work with a consultant on a one-on-one basis. During the first consultation we will gain a better understanding of your background and listen to your needs. Whether your grades or exam scores are mediocre, or your budget for overseas study is low, our consultants will provide advice for your problems in the first consultation, giving you a clearer understanding of the plans we will develop for you. Once you’re certain that your needs are being addressed, we will explain the procedures and contract regulations to you in detail. You can rest assured that all your personal information will be kept confidential: we value your rights and privacy, and all content strictly conforms to the regulations of the Ministry of Education.


Our consultants have years of experience in proxy service. From short-term language studies to fully fledged overseas degree programs, our consultants will provide you with complete overseas study planning services in line with your academic goals. We even arrange class guidance for students with less-than-ideal grades and communicate with schools for special course or accommodation needs. Even if your plan for overseas study is in its initial stages, our consultants can analyze its strengths and weaknesses and give you objective advice so you can have a better grasp of the times involved.


We will be with you every step of the way. Our consultants carry mobile phones for emergency contact even during weekends and holidays, a benefit for students fulfilling their military service or who are out of town. We do not fill out application materials with prefabricated verbiage: students can discuss revisions to application materials, and may make as many changes as they wish. For each school we provide data on chances of acceptance, and we do not compel students to attend designated schools.
Our overseas study services also include flight booking, living arrangements and visa counseling. For students applying for study tours, we maintain follow-up checks of student satisfaction with courses and accommodation for your full peace of mind.