Mars will change
Your educational experience!

Our goal is for each student who enters Mars to achieve their dream of studying abroad. We have already helped many students, and even if your current status is les than ideal, our planning could change your future!

Our Objective

Mars Education Consulting Company aims to transcend the ordinary overseas study center’s image as merely a proxy application service and bust the myth that overseas study is only for well-heeled or top-scoring students. We have designed a set of comprehensive services, from basic introductions to programs and analyses of schools to counseling in essay writing and test preparation, and we will address any questions you ask about them. Are your grades less than stellar? Did you attend a substandard school? We can show you many examples of successful overseas applications in such cases. Our consultants are all graduates of top universities in Taiwan and have ample overseas study experience, so we genuinely understand the needs of local students and the problems they struggle with. We strive to be more of an educational consulting firm than just a proxy service for overseas study, providing warm, earnest and customized service rooted in professional experience.

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